Hands & Feet

Manicure with soak, shape, cuticle care, intuitive healing massage and polish or buff

Pedicure with soak, shape, cuticle care, sole repair, exfoliator, intuitive healing massage and polish or buff

Pedicure with Extra Massage/Care

I highly recommend this for the added foot care and massage time!


Mani/Pedi Combo
Combo service with all the works of the regular manicure and pedicure

Mani/Pedi Combo with Extra Massage/Care

Get that extra time your feet (or hands) are begging for. Add on that extra massage or foot care!


The Dovabell
Named in honor of my Nana. A two hour service with mani/pedi and finish with a intuitive reading. This service is designed for your soul. You are sure to feel lifted afterwards.

Sip & Soak
30 Minute foot soak with tea or ceremonial cacao to ease the day.

Add a 25 minute foot massage

+$ 22.

Intuitive Readings

Using oracle, ancestor and tarot cards as tools to reach your spirit realm to get insight on your purpose. We can connect with spirit guides, past lives and find blockages that have been holding you back. Readings are best for if you have questions or want more verbal work done. I would suggest the Starseed Sole Healing Session for those looking for healing and inner work release.

30 Minute Reading


1 Hour Reading


Add On Quick Reading
extra approximate 15 minutes added to your nail service.

Starseed Soul Healing Session

We take over an hour to go into a deep meditation where I retrieve soul information from my guides. I work on healing traumas, blockages, realign you to your highest self and gather information that will help you through our journey here on Earth. All while holding points of your feet and massaging them out. After I report back to you with my experience in your soul spaces. I leave you with messages and information from the guides to integrate into your life if you choose to do so.

Great for trauma healing!


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My clients safety and comfort is my main prerogative. I promise to hold space for your openness and do my best to lead you only in light.

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