Starseed & Sole

Self Servicing by Servicing Others.

Welcome to Starseed & Sole

Thank you for visiting my site and having an interest in what I do! My name is Chelsea and I am Starseed & Sole. My main focus is in healing and wellness through limitless expression of myself. After struggling to identify with the typical nail technician paths, I developed my true passion of using my intuitive healing while doing my manicures, pedicures, wraps, massages and more! I typically find a time to guide my clients into a meditation that I am shown works best for them. This allows the mind to release the daily to-dos and guides us into the the deep layer of one’s true self. Depending on the client’s openness, I can experience a number of spiritual beings that can lift them into their best selves.

The services I provide are very unique, especially in the beauty industry. The connection to my own spirituality allows healing for the whole body and soul. My main goal is to provide a safe, comfortable and judgement free space for my clients to feel open to receive my work. I focus on releasing the heart from the walls we build from our challenging lives. Living on Earth is challenging and I want to help you become lighter and happier.


Nail Care Menu


50 Min Pedicure
Foot soak, nail cutting, cuticle care, callus care, exfoliator, intuitive healing foot massage & polish

75 Min Pedicure

This is highly recommended! Extra time for the foot mask and more foot massage



45 Min Manicure
Nail shaping, cuticle care, under nail cleaning, intuitive healing hand massage & polish


90 Min Mani/Pedi
All the same works from the Manicure & Pedicure. Feeling great from the tips to your toes!

The Dovabell

2 Hour Mani, Pedi & Reading
Treat yourself to this two hour session named after Nana. We do the mani/pedi treatment but really dive into making your heart lighter. We finish with a angel reading. You are sure to feel lifted afterwards!

Foot Soak Menu

Simple Soak

25 Min EO Soak
Take some time to sit back and relax! We provide high quality tea while you let go of life’s worries

Soak & Massage

45 Min EO Soak & Foot Massage
Spend half your time decompressing and the other half enjoying a intuitive healing foot massage

Sit Back & Enjoy the Release

60 Min Head to Toe
Enjoy a essential oil soak while getting a head, neck, shoulder, hand massage. End with a foot massage.

30/60 Minute Reading

Take time meeting your spirit guides, past lives, and blockages. Empower yourself while taking this journey with me!


15 Minute Express Reading

A great add on to another service!



Workout with Me!

Spin & Tone

@ New England Fitness in the Topsham Fair Mall

Mon | Wed 6am & 7:30am Fri | Sat 7:30am

Personal Training

$35 for 30 Mins | $55 for 60 Mins

To book a service, call 207-523-0304 or email your request below!

Starseed & Sole @ Betsy’s Hair Salon & Spa

Find me at Betsy’s! Mon/Thurs/Fri

starting this fall Saturdays

Open Hours

Mon & Fri: 10:30 am- 6pm
Thurs: 9:30 am – 6:00 pm


94 Richardson St

Bath, ME


(207) 443-1123

I try to use the best/healthiest/environmentally friendly products in my field. I use Dazzle Dry which is one of the best nail polishes I have ever used. I have had clients with 6 weeks of wear without any chips! It leaves nails stronger and healthier. I recommend it over any gel polish.

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Dazzle Dry delivers a nail care system that is both nontoxic and hypoallergenic, making it ideal for even the most sensitive skin types. We do this in part by eliminating certain reactive ingredients found in traditional nail polish, which can sensitize the skin and cause the development of more serious conditions, including allergic contact dermatitis.

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At Dazzle Dry, we don’t just care about what goes in our bodies, we care about goes on them. Give yourself the beauty and wellness you deserve with Dazzle Dry’s clean nail care system.