Meet Chelsea

Hey there! I’m Chelsea and I am Starseed & Sole. I created this site for those who wanted to know what I offer, to book and see what I am doing!

I am much more than your turn and burn nail technician. When I go into a service and get the ability to heal parts of you through your hands and feet to release built up pain. I have met loved ones, past lives and higher versions of people in spirit realm through massage and readings. The boundaries that people have are sacred to me, therefore I don’t share or go into spaces that I am not granted permission to. My number one focus is to create a space where my clients feel safe, loved and accepted just as they are.

I also have a Spin & Tone class that is offered at New England Fitness in Topsham. This is where my riders go on a journey to release and empower themselves on the bike. We ride with intention with fun loud music and tone to keep our bodies strong!

A little about my journey…

I always loved polishing my nails as a little girl. My two aunts would always encourage my love with more polishes or trips to the salons. As time went on I started becoming really interested in Holistic Health. My first year in college I took nutrition classes and anything that was in the alternative health category. After my first year, I decided not to waste money on classes when I didn’t know my direction yet. That is when I decided to travel.

After a brutal winter in Maine and getting my car stuck one too many times, I moved to the island of Oahu in Hawai’i. Making minimum wage at a water park where I took photos of people on rides. I lived in a tent in someone’s backyard that I found on Craigslist. I loved it! I learned a lot about photography. I practiced my shoots of people who dropped off a slide into a pool. I got the timing of people right when their faces would scream on the thrillers. I got to capture someone’s joy and fear all in that quick moment. I also got to live among the locals who lived and worked in my neighborhood. I was one of the few mainlanders on that part of the island which could be both dangerous but eye opening. I felt blessed to be in the Polynesian culture.

After moving to Las Vegas, San Diego and backpacking New Zealand, I decided to come back to Maine. I felt my life was on pause and missed my family! I moved to Portland Maine and continued my education. My love of sociology and psychology led me to getting my BA in Social Science. My research in Positive Psychology and Psychological Capital changed my life. The readings of Martin Seligman, Fred Luthens, Eckhart Tolle and many more lifted my view on the Earth. I started releasing the negative cycles I was socially taught to become a more even tempered person.

After getting my degree, I felt the push to become a entrepreneur. I had come up with a mobile beauty business that I was committed to. Part of this plan was for me to become a Nail Tech so that I could provide services for the business. I went to night school and after work took classes at SpaTech in Westbrook. After getting my license I went out to get a part time job as a Nail Tech, while still working my day job. Eventually this brought me to Bhavana in Freeport. I found a group of spiritual people that lifted me to realize my full potential. This is where I also opened Freeport Fitness in their studio space.

2019 I opened Freeport Fitness offering spin, yoga, bootcamp, Zumba and combo classes. I also worked as a nail tech and worked my day job running a website for local store. March 2020 I decided to close in the mix of COVID-19 and my mental health. It became a lot of work, but I had learned a lot about my limits and business owning.

After losing all my jobs and having to take 3 months off because of the virus, I came into what I truly needed. A small space in order to provide my healing, time to serve my sacral chakra by doing creations and art, and being authentic to my soul by doing the work I know I am meant to do.

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